Release Note
This describes the recent changes made to Routlets. Thanks for the feedback.
If you have any suggestions or problems with Routlets, please let us know.
Routlets 0.4.3
Routlets 0.4.2
  • New search style by declarations - configuration sections with similar edit paths
  • Other changes ...
    • Enable sorting search results by edit path (across routers)
    • Summarize the number of matches under a router in the search results tree
    • Default to disabling search explanations. To see detailed explanations of search results (in the properties view), enable the 'Include explanations' preference before searching
    • Enable Compare to from right-click menu in configuration editor
    • Enable Show In/Properties from right-click menu in editor - troubleshooting option to summarize currently selected configuration statement
    • Right-click in editor moves cursor before showing context menu
    • Storing search indexes could fail with "data exception: string data, right truncation"
    • Adding a Junos 13 router could fail with "Expecting XML response"
    • Content assist improvement at:
      • policy-statement then accept/reject (under Junos 13)
  • Windows 32 bit - 67.4Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 67.4Mb zip file
Routlets 0.4.1
Routlets 0.4.0
  • Enable free text searching of router configurations
    - e.g. fuzzy matching, wildcards, AND/OR logic, include/exclude words and proximity of words
  • Other changes ...
    • Add preference to enable/disable section folding
    • Enable undo, after moving router(s) in Project Explorer
    • Enable keystrokes for Find and Refresh in the router status panels
    • Improve UI responsiveness when opening an editor - during "Match configuration against command structure"
    • Close project excludes router(s) from search results
    • Add preference to defragment internal database
    • Cutting a collapsed section to the clipboard was just expanding the section
  • Windows 32 bit - 67.4Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 67.4Mb zip file
Routlets 0.3.7
  • Section folding - to expand and collapse sections in the configuration editor
  • Support editing and saving protected sections (Junos 11.2 or later)
  • Copy/paste to logical-systems creates a new logical-system - same as for groups
  • Other changes ...
    • Add preferences to control what new groups and logical-systems are called
    • Auto-collapse inactive: sections when opening a configuration file
    • Perform "Setup connection to database" step in background at Routlets startup (rather than when opening first editor)
    • Up arrow key goes to the last item in the list in the Goto Edit Path and Run Router Command dialogs
    • Problems saving an annotation, or deactivating a section at such as policy-options policy-statement term from protocol static
    • Detect notifications like "System going down IMMEDIATELY" against Junos 12
    • Hover help in the commit history view could stop showing after a rollback
    • Opening the editor simultaneously for two routers on the same Junos version could result in internal errors
    • Content assist improvement at:
      • logical-systems (references to)
  • Windows 32 bit - 56.8Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 56.8Mb zip file
Routlets 0.3.6
  • Keep previous commit comments etc in Save and Commit Wizard
  • Other changes ...
    • Pressing the Reset from router button on the Router Properties dialog could freeze, if using the root user
    • Comparing statements from two different Junos versions (see All-round compare) could result in "Parts not compatible for compare"
    • Errors while saving a renamed configuration statement:
      • A further rename at a child level failed with "error: source statement does not exist"
      • If a parameter was also removed from the renamed statement, the save could fail with "missing argument."
    • Improve error handling when detecting the connection details for a router, if the user doesn't have rights
  • Windows 32 bit - 56.1Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 56.1Mb zip file
Routlets 0.3.5
Routlets 0.3.4
  • Command pinning - customize hover help to add favorite router commands
  • Shortcut keys in hover help - press F2 then a number key to run a related router command
  • Other changes ...
    • Run Router Command dialog is context sensitive
      - command parameters are auto-suggested from the current [edit path] in the editor
    • Quicker navigation in the Goto Edit Path and Run Router Command dialogs
      - mouse scroll wheel works anywhere
      - double-click in whitespace in list to go back one level
    • Option in hover help to bypass showing the Run Router Command dialog before running a command
    • Associate Alt+Shift+A keystroke with Toggle block mode in router status and online help panels
    • Restructure table of contents for the help screen
    • Expand Edit/Shortcuts menu
    • Error connecting to virtual chassis devices (EX series): "configure" mode not available
    • Links between configuration sections weren't being show in hover help under Junos 12
    • Validation wasn't detecting a duplicate statement at policy-options policy-statement term then
    • The Tab and Esc keys could stop working in the Goto Edit Path and Run Router Command dialogs
    • Compare to pinned against a router showed nothing if the pinned section couldn't be matched
  • Windows 32 bit - 56.1Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 56.1Mb zip file
Routlets 0.3.3
  • Add Reset from router button to Router properties to detect version or hostname changes
  • Keep the Routlets 'workspace' (list of routers etc) between installations of Routlets
  • Other changes ...
    • Enable more than one workspace in Routlets (see tip in Help at Routlets/Concepts/Workspace)
    • Add warning markers to editor for missing or duplicate keywords
    • Add Compare to last local edit, commit history and pinned menu options to Configuration menu in main editor
    • Add F3 keystroke for Find Next, based on current editor selection
    • Add To Upper/Lower case options to Edit sub-menu
    • Add Next/Previous Sub-Tab options to Window/Navigation sub-menu
    • Add block selection mode to router status pane, to select columns from table based output
    • Content assist restricts the proposals shown based on an interface type
    • Selecting a part in the outline view shows the [edit path] for the part in the status bar
    • Goto dialog doesn't need space after a '*' wildcard to search all levels
    • Copy section (Ctrl+Alt+Down) at such interfaces <name> unit 0 wasn't selecting just the unit number to rename
    • When adding a router, the Folder/Browse button was offering internal folders
    • The sequence numbers shown in the commit history could fail to renumber after a commit to the router
    • The status bar alert for an outstanding commit confirmed wasn't refreshing correctly
    • Commit confirmed after File/Save As from another router resulted in internal errors
    • File/Save As from a router could result in a warning marker against the opening comment in a configuration file
    • Reordering unrelated configuration statements could result in syntax errors when saving to the router
    • Configuration/Format (Ctrl+Shift+F) from a closing brace wasn't correcting the indent
    • Content assist improvements at:
      • class-of-service
      • class-of-service classifiers dscp forwarding-class loss-priority
      • routing-options confederation
      • system radius-server
      • system services outbound-ssh
      • Second value in list (e.g. apply-groups [ group1 group2 ] )
    • Resolve schema matching problems at:
      • security certificates local
    • Comment like ## Warning: in candidate configuration on router would intermittently cause syntax errors in configuration editor
    • Reduce the time spent "Showing syntax highlighting" opening a large configuration file
    • Upgrade the underlying Eclipse platform to 3.7.2
      (This fixes a problem with Windows 64bit needing to prompt for a password to access secure storage - more info at Routlets/Concepts/Secure Storage in the Routlets help)
  • Windows 32 bit - 56.0Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 56.0Mb zip file
Routlets 0.3.2
Routlets 0.3.1
  • Automatic tracking of changes saved in offline edit mode, to restore to the router once a connection is available
  • Add Window/Navigation sub-menu for navigation shortcuts
  • Other changes ...
    • Add Compare to/Commit history menu option from outline view
    • Improve Compare to/Pin for compare matching if no exact match in target configuration (e.g. system host-name one vs system host-name two)
    • Content assist was failing to show descriptions for parameters (<value> style prompts)
    • Project Explorer view wasn't showing unsaved change markers (* indicator in the tree) until manually refreshed
  • Windows 32 bit - 54.9Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 54.9Mb zip file
Routlets 0.3.0
  • Automatic offline edit mode, if connection to router not available
  • Add Goto dialog to quickly locate sections in a configuration
  • New all-round compare feature, to compare any two configuration sections known to Routlets
  • Other changes ...
    • Add rollback numbers to Commit History view
    • Add icons to compare editor panes
    • Enable double-click to select a command option in Configuration/Run Router Command
    • Improve Routlets shutdown time, especially with the XML schemas for multiple Junos versions loaded
    • Add a preference to return to backing up the internal database at shutdown (at Routlets/Troubleshooting)
    • Change internal workspace layout for .router files - to enable offline edit mode
    • Move session log files to own sub-directories under workspace/.logs
    • Copying a configuration section to a router where the top-level section (e.g. policy-options) didn't exist would fail with an error
    • Dragging a configuration section to an unrelated parent, then undo could lose syntax highlighting
  • Windows 32 bit - 54.9Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 54.9Mb zip file
Routlets 0.2.4
  • Include default values for parameters in Content assist
  • Other changes ...
    • Ctrl+Shift+A should start an annotation from the blank line before a statement, as well as with the cursor on the statement
    • Hover help wasn't showing the details of a syntax error
    • 'Flattening' a section failed to save (e.g. from { protocol static } changed to from protocol static; )
    • Compare to active failed when used twice from same Configuration Editor
    • Format configuration was getting the indents wrong around an inactive: section
    • Resolve schema matching problems at:
      • system services web-management
      • system services dhcp pool address-range
      • protocols mpls label-switched-path bandwidth
      • protocols mpls static-path inet
      • security nat source rule-set rule match
      • security screen ids-option untrust-screen tcp syn-flood
  • Windows 32 bit - 54.8Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 54.8Mb zip file
Routlets 0.2.3
  • Add Copy, Paste and Delete to the Outline view
  • Include a part's description or annotation text in the Outline view for easy navigation
  • Add Configuration menu option to create or edit an annotation (annotate command in Junos) - Ctrl+Shift+A keystroke
  • Fetch XML schema in background - after showing configuration file in editor
  • Add router model to Router Properties
  • Test connection button now includes output from show version and haiku
  • Other changes ...
    • Outline view stopped showing after opening a Commit History item
    • Resolve problem showing hover help for offline file
    • Correct syntax highlighting when Toggle inactive used against a configuration statement with an annotation
    • Detect a syntax error for an unclosed "quoted value
    • Don't save navigation history for commit history items after restart - this was preventing the editor for the same router subsequently opening
    • Reduce thread priority during 'XML schema parse', to keep machine more responsive
  • Windows 32 bit - 54.8Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 54.8Mb zip file
Routlets 0.2.2
Routlets 0.2.1
Routlets 0.2.0
  • Router status - show links to related router commands, direct from the configuration file
  • Offer links to online help on the router (help topic or help reference), from hover help or content assist
  • Review configuration changes as a Junos save script (similar to show | compare), for confidence before committing
  • Other changes ...
    • Correct content assist at such as policy-statement term then metric
    • Speed up retrieving command structure (XML Schema) from the internal database
    • Restore hover help for error messages in left and right margins in configuration editor
    • Auto-detect PuTTY and/or FileZilla under such as C:\Program Files (x86) as well as C:\Program Files.
  • Windows 32 bit - 54.7Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 54.7Mb zip file
Routlets 0.1.2
  • Improved hover help
  • Optional anonymous upload of usage data (to track which features of Routlets are popular - please participate)
  • Other changes ...
    • Commit history - show router names for group commits
    • Content assist - use text wrapping when describing selected keyword
    • Compare to other configuration version - was adding warnings to an open editor
  • Windows 32 bit - 54.5Mb zip file
  • Windows 64 bit - 54.5Mb zip file
Routlets 0.1.1
Routlets 0.1.0